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At the Chris Collins Dance Studio, we value every student -- young and old, beginners and advanced students alike.

It is our aim to offer a quality, dance education to all of our students. Some students choose to make dance their primary extra-curricular activity and participate in dance at a very high level. These are members of our performing Dance Company. Participation in the Dance Company occurs by invitation, with the teaching faculty determining annually those students who exhibit the dedication, attitude and proficiency to represent the studio in public performances and competitions.

In addition to attending classes several nights per week, Company members perform in shows and exhibitions around the Washington, DC area, at Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, and Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

They also regularly attend dance workshops and competitions around the region, having traveled in recent years to Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, VA; College Park and Columbia in MD; and New York City, New York. In the summer of 2015 our Dance Company members were featured performers at Walt Disney World.

The Chris Collins Dance Company is comprised of talented and interested students ranging from 6 - 18 years of age who are committed and agree to perform and compete year round. Students who “grow up” at CCDS are evaluated by instructors based on their talent, effort, attitude, and dedication and placed in the appropriate company classes. Students who move to our studio from other areas are evaluated in the subjects they have previously studied and are placed accordingly.

Company Levels:

It is important for all Company members, prospective members and their parents to understand what is involved in being a member of the Dance Company.

Participation in Company is a great deal of fun, but it requires a significant commitment to dance and a good deal of extra time and effort. Taking a dance class is the same as participating in any other extracurricular activity. Being a Company member is akin to being on a select sports team, and requires a sincere commitment to the team.

Both students and parents should decide if they have the time to commit to the Dance Company. No matter how talented a student is, if they don't have time to put dance first, and if they don't have enough parental support, they may be better in Studio dance classes.

All Company members must maintain regular attendance in all classes and are required to attend ballet classes a minimum of twice per week (three ballet classes for seniors).

Students who are in Company should be in class regularly throughout the summer -- especially in ballet.

If teachers decide that in any subject a student is not making the commitment required, changes can be made in the Fall prior to costumes being ordered.

Students and parents interested in Company participation must also recognize the expectations related to attitude. As members of our team, Company members and their parents are expected to support and encourage each other and to exhibit impeccable sportsmanship at all times. Our students -- without exception -- are expected to treat each other, their teachers, parents, competition judges and fellow students from other studios with the highest level of respect. Winning trophies is nice, but representing ourselves with class and dignity is an absolute requirement.

In addition, we expect participation from students and support from parents throughout the year at shows, workshops and competitions. It will be very important that all Company parents take the time to support the students and participate fully in the Dance Company Parents Association (DCPA), including regular attendance at monthly DCPA meetings. The DCPA is a non-profit group that supports our Dance Company and engages in fundraising activities to help offset a small portion of these expenses, but it should be clearly understood that a financial commitment accompanies Company membership. Parents of prospective members may contact the DCPA for an approximate breakdown of these costs.

Finally, parents of prospective members should recognize that participation in dance at this level involves additional financial commitments. Company members typically choose to attend more classes and perform more dances in our recital, which naturally results in more costume, shoe and accessory fees than studio dancers are not likely to encounter.

We have a wonderful Dance Company of dedicated and talented performers. It is an honor to be selected to be a part of this team. All students, parents and teachers should view it as such and commit to the team accordingly.

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Congratulation to CCDS Company Dancer!

Special Congratulations to Cathrine Quidas, who received a 2 week scholarship to Cecchetti's prestigious national summer school in Michigan.

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CCDS Company On Point Competition!

During three days of competition with twelve studios from the DMV area, our dancers had great camaraderie with their peers from other studios and gave outstanding performances! From our young Twinkling Stars to our Sensational Seniors it was an award winning weekend! Click here for more...

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CCDS Company went Beyond the Stars!

We are extremely proud of all our performers’ achievements on stage and of them off stage. During three days of competition and over 500 acts, we had huge success with Diamond awards, overall awards, and special judges’ awards. Click here for more...

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Congratulation to CCDS Company Performers!

We are so proud of the CCDS dance company on their performances at Mid-Atlantic Dance Masters of America Chapter 17 Performing Arts Competition!
Click here for more...

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Congratulation Solo Performers!

We are very proud of our Chris Collins Dance Company solo performers who debuted brand new routines at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter 17 Dance Masters of America in January. Click here for more...

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Congratulation to Orfa Barrios!

Special Congratulations to Orfa Barrios, who received a 4 year scholarship to DMA's prestigious Teacher Training School (TTS). TTS is a summer program, held at the University of Buffalo.


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CCDS Rocks 2016 On Point Nationals

It is a joy to watch the growth of our students through the years as they become confident performers.
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CCDS Company 2015-2016 Season Recap

The teamwork of the students and parents makes the company a success. We are proud of our accomplishments on stage, and just as proud of our reputation off stage. Click here for more...


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